Law Jones Funeral Home is a place to find comfort, guidance, and resolution during the grieving and healing processes. Of course, we continue to offer the traditional funeral services you have come to expect from Law Jones. 

The experience of loss does not end after the funeral; in fact, it can last for much longer. That is why we take extra care of our families to ensure their emotional, relational, and spiritual needs are recognized.

When you call upon Law Jones Funeral Home at any time of day or night, you can count on our people to be there to offer peace and support during a most difficult period.

Law Jones Funeral Homes became a growing business venture in 1965 when Mel Jones and Si Law merged the Law Funeral Home and the Hunter-Jones Funeral Home in Savanna, Illinois. This was the first such merger of two funeral homes in the state of Illinois.

Let’s look at the history of this long-standing and well-known area business. George Haas opened up a funeral home in Savanna in 1865. Robert Fuller purchased the business in 1905, before Donald Hunter owned the business for ten years from 1952 until 1962. The funeral home was then purchased by Melvin and Jean Jones after Mr. Hunter’s death.

In 1965, the Law Funeral Home owned by Nan Law and son, Si and Gretchen Law, merged with the Hunter-Jones Funeral Home, owned by Mel and Jean Jones.

This formed the Law Jones Funeral Home. Under the direction of Mel Jones and Si Law, Law Jones Funeral Home grew to serve families in several neighboring communities including Thomson, Hanover, and Elizabeth in Illinois, and Sabula, Iowa. This partnership lasted until Si’s death in 1986.

After Si’s death, Michael Jones, first son of Mel and Jean, returned home from his career as a metalurgical engineer to join his father in the funeral homes. On April 4, 1989, at the age of 50, Mel Jones suddenly passed away. After a few months, Matthew, the Jones’ third son, decided to leave his technology career as a sales engineer and return to Savanna to join Michael in a partnership. Since that partnership, Law Jones has grown to include funeral home locations in Mt. Carroll and Chadwick, Illinois, and Preston, Iowa. In 2002, Michael received the call to ministry and in 2004 enrolled in Seminary. He is now serving the United Methodist Church, Northern Illinois Conference.

Matthew Jones has taken the reigns of leadership in Law Jones Funeral Homes. “Our goal is to help families heal and move on in life. Today, Law Jones Funeral Home preplans and arranges funeral care in Illinois and neighboring cites in Iowa. We offer assistance with all types of funeral services, preplanning, paperwork, family history preservation, and even have our own printing department for customized funeral programs, prayer cards, thank you cards, candles and videos. Even though our long-standing history is important, at Law Jones you will always receive the most up-to-date service, online tools and facilities available to honor your family. This is our promise to you.”