Family History Begins Here

                                                               Preserve Your Family History

You have heard all the family stories, watched the home videos, and seen all the old photos…now you have an opportunity to archive them all with our very own family history preservation program…free for your personal use.

It used to be that family members who were interested in genealogy spent long hours putting together a book of their family history, painstakingly documenting each detail by hand.

Nowadays, you can do this – and much more – with online software. Law Jones Funeral Home has spent years developing a proprietary family history program that allows you and your family members to upload photos, videos, audio files, and documents – and now it’s available to help you bring your stories online for everyone in your family to enjoy.

Over time, you can create a very detailed and interactive family history that is preserved forever. When a loved one passes, we can easily share all or part of your family’s story along with the obituaries and during any funeral services.

Our family history program is an easy and convenient way to get the family involved in completing the story of your special moments, big events, and treasured memories.